Toys And Aviation Aerial Models 3V DC Motor

Product Details



Rated power:0.008(W)

Product type: Brush DC motor

Rated voltage: 3.0(V)

Rated current: 0.035(A)

Rated speed:12500(rpm)

Rated torque: 500g-cm(NM)

Outline dimension: 6*10(mm)

Product certification: ROHS

Scope of application: Health products, Toys and Model airplane  

Efficency: 90(%)

Shenzhen Hangduo Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is specialized in research and development, production, selling micro DC motor. 

The main model we produce includes M10、M20、M40、N20、1215、1220、1230(N60)、030、050、130、140、260、280、180、360、365、545、550.

 The main types includes Micro DC motorRotor brushless motor, DC gear motorDC brushless motor, DC vibration motor, DC hollow cup motor and DC carbon motor.

  Our products are widely used in audio-visual equipment, electric toys, entertainment equipment, Household appliance, auto parts, remote control model, electric tool, vibrant handle, electronic electrician and other fields.


The following is the representative picture of each series of our motors. Please click on the picture to the product category if you are interested in:


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